Essay on Smart People are more Successful in Business and Life

Essay on Smart People are more Successful in Business and Life

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Visionaries and deep thinkers have walked the earth since the beginning of recorded time. Their guiding principles concerned evolution of consciousness toward wisdom. Increasing wisdom consciousness defeats the abstract societal label known as "average". Simply stated, we are all born with potential to become smart people.

Smart people are generally great achievers, successful in business and family, and positive of mind. They have trained themselves to squeeze every drop of brain juice within, to make manifest their unique gifts and talents without.

In no particular order, let's explore examples of smart people, some living and others dearly departed. People who realized their success mind through brain training, to rise above average. Consider this our little gallery to pay tribute to these and millions of other people, who saved lives, built fortune 500 companies and made their eternal mark on earth.

1. Lao Tzu – wrote the Tao Te Ching, which has been translated more than any book, excepting the Bible. He penned the tiny volume of 5000 words originally as a handbook for Chinese leaders. Many smart people today walk the Tao path, seeking to live authentically, according to their true character.

According to Lao Tzu, peace is an inside job. When we find our inner-peace, we are freed-up to detach from problems; to discover solutions. Alternately, the Tao leads outward to promote successful action. The Tao teaches that the whole of life is a process.

It is said that once you become mesmerized with the Tao Te Ching it becomes "your" book. Its essence will soak into your soul. Lao Tzu, a man of profound vision, studied the mystery of creation and left the world 5000 words of his incredible wisdom.

2. Steven Pau...

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... in front of a mirror in a manner that lighted up the room. It is believed this idea lighted Tom's path toward inventing the electric light bulb.

People born with thinking-minds do not necessarily learn in a structured setting. They permit one idea spark another and feed off another. It doesn't make them failures, as Tom's teacher believed, it just makes them different and more often than not, brilliant of mind.

Brain Tools you can Use

We hope our gallery of visionaries and deep thinkers inspired you to treasure, enhance and empower the capacities of your miraculous brain.

Brain tools, such as learning a new language, working crosswords, transcendental meditation, subliminal learning CDs, critical thinking or by taking advantage of new brain training software that modify brain waves, serve to heighten and maintain our intelligence throughout our lives.

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