The Smart Measure Test Shows That I Have A Logical Learning Style Essay

The Smart Measure Test Shows That I Have A Logical Learning Style Essay

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The Smart Measure test shows that that I have a logical learning style. I learn better using pie charts, and just flat out fact. When numbers and figures get put out there it draws my attention straight to it. Shockingly, I did scores three way for Physical, Social, and Verbal learning. They ere all very close o my score in logical learning. Basically, I am capable of learning in all sorts of different ways. Wehn it comes to learning I like to use a variety of techniques to ensure that I have obtained the the material that was necessary.

When I study, I use several different study strategies. The top three study strategies that I use are flash cards, I recite, rehearse, and write, and also I use chunking. Flash cards help me out a great due to the fact that I am a logical learner. I learn best when I can see facts written down on paper. It really depends on the information that I am trying to take in for the strategy that I use for studying. For instance, when studying vocabulary words and definitions I use flash cards, and other things that I study I will use other techniques. The mood that I am in when I am preparing to study will also determine the strategy that I will use to absorb the information.

Flash cards are portable so I can take my study material with me any where that I go. I can use them to quiz myself and get others to quiz me to see how much progress that I have made. Most most favorite thing about flash cards is that I can make two separate piles. One is for what I already know, and the other is for what I need to focus more on, and study more. Flash cards for me, make studying more interesting because they are not sloppy like notes, and more organized content. Flash cards are a great studying tool for busy...

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...he layout and plan that I have created is working out well for me. I tend to stick to the time that I have set aside for my learning time and school environment. Being repetitive in what I do really does help me out a lot, by sticking to my studying strategies that I know works best for me, such as that ones that I have mentioned, and also sticking the studying strategies that fit into my lifestyle. I have had to learn and adapt to my learning environment, and work on the skills that I have gained, in order to maintain good work and to be successful in my college career. The approach I use study and my ways of learning are awesome. There really is no need to modify it. I understand that situations change and what might be working for me now, might not work in the future. I keep an open mind, and I am prepared for any change that is necessary to make this work for me.

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