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Originally, cities arose because naturally, humans are social creatures that dwell in close proximity to each other, and it was typically in areas where the basic needs of food, shelter and water could be met or obtained. These communities grew to be large and expansive cities with complex natures, public buildings, religious institutions and possessed unique forms of housing, transportation and streets. (Cavaglieri, 22). There are currently two conflicting ideas of how a city should develop, through urban sprawl or through smart growth. Low density development, otherwise known as urban sprawl, is defined as "low density, automobile dependent development beyond the edge of service and employment areas." (The Policy Almanac, Urban Sprawl). On the other hand, Smart Growth which is loosely defined as planning principles "to stop sprawl, regenerate inner cities, provide transportation choices that include public transit, protect and integrate green-space into the urban fabric – and generally renew the promise of vibrant, vital cities and liveable communities." (Onyschuk, 1). Despite the positive aims of smart growth, many say that it is highly flawed and the results tend to contradict its goal of creating livable cities. The use of smart growth principles are essential for building sustainable, urban spaces. Smart growth promotes mid to high density development in the hopes of using less land to sustain more people. Mixed use neighbourhoods is an aspect of Smart Growth which allows residents to live, work and play in the same area. Various forms of transportation are heavily invested in to give people the option not to take their car, or completely get rid of it.

Mid to high density housing is a component of smart growth which...

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