Smallville Should NOT Spend Money to Clean the River Essay

Smallville Should NOT Spend Money to Clean the River Essay

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Although water sports are among the favorite recreational activities of Smallville residents, this certainly does not imply that swimming, boating and fishing are the only aquatic activities that residents are solely and predominantly interested in, or for that matter, that water sports alone are the chief recreational activities of the residents. This assumption could possibly be made because of the word ‘among’. For all we know, other outdoor activities like ball games and sports or track sports for example could also be among the list of favorite recreational sports. In the absence of quantitative statistics, there is no way to ascertain the actual number of residents who prefer water sports as their chief recreational activities. In the absence of clear numerical data, it is unfair to assume that water sports are the main recreational activities of a majority, let alone, of all residents of Smallville.

Although surveys were used to determine recreational activity preferences of Smallville residents, there is a possibility that the methodological quality of the survey must have been poor. Perhaps, the sample surveyed might not have been a true representative of the entire city population or perhaps, the sample surveyed might have included only those citizens with the physical and economical means of accessing water sports. If the surveys did not include those individuals with a physical disability which precludes participation in water sports or those who are illiterate or mentally disabled and do not understand the questions posed in the survey, the sample surveyed would not be a true representative of the entire City population. Under such circumstances, it would be highly improper and inappropriate to loosely associate t...

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...his turns out to be the case, a more appropriate solution would be to allocate funds to relocate these commercial ventures to other parts of the city instead of using the funds to develop riverside recreational facilities, which already exists.

Just because the river is cleaned, there might not consequently be an increase in the number of residents visiting the river for recreational purposes, and if this indeed turns out to be the case, the additional money that the city government decides to spend on devoting towards recreational facilities would be a sheer waste. The city government has certainly no way to determine if indeed there will be a surge in the number of residents visiting the river before the commencement of the cleaning, and to entirely base their decision of devoting more money towards recreational facilities is unsubstantiated and unwarranted.

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