Small Towns vs. Big Cities Essay

Small Towns vs. Big Cities Essay

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Some people believe it’s better to grow up in a small town. Other people think it’s better to grow up in a big city. What is your position on this issue, and what reasons support your position?

There are numerous differences between living in a small town or a big city. Small towns and big cities each have their unique advantages and disadvantages. Where a person grows up plays an integral part in shaping their personality. And, sometimes a person’s personality can have a great impact on their preference of where to live. Preferring a small town or big city is a very individual matter. Different people have different reasons for favoring one over the other. Personally, and admitting that my views are shaped by my personal experiences, I believe the advantages of growing up in a small town – as long as that small town is in reasonably close proximity to a decent sized city.
Big cities have many advantages over small towns. Goods and services are more readily available. Greater selection means more competition which often results in lower prices for those goods and servic...

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