Small Red Bumps On Skin Essay

Small Red Bumps On Skin Essay

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Small red bumps on your skin can occur for many reasons. Most respond to home treatments, but some may require medical attention. You need to determine the cause of your bumps before doing anything to eliminate them.

Why Do I Have Small Red Bumps on My Skin That Itch?
What Do I Do About Small Red Bumps on Skin?

Red bumps and itchy skin

Although you may not think of it as such, your skin is the largest organ in your body. It has several functions, one of which is protection against external pollution, trauma, organisms such as insects, and chemicals. Exposure to any of these elements can cause small red bumps to appear on your skin. Your skin also regulates your body temperature, usually through sweating. Additionally, it contains nerves that tell you if you’re touching something or feeling pain. It will tell you if those bumps you have are swollen, hot, or itchy. Your skin can tell you that you have an external or internal problem that needs your attention.

Red Bumps on Your Skin Have Many Causes

Red bumps can appear nearly everywhere on your skin. They can be large or small, flat or raised, and itchy or not itchy. They can be various shades of red. They can feel hot or burning. Sometimes you don’t feel them at all and aren’t aware you even have bumps unless you happen to visually notice them.

Red bumps appear for many reasons and are seldom a cause for concern. Occasionally they are caused by an infection or disease and need medical attention. More often bumps are the result of insect bites or coming into contact with something you’re allergic to.

What Are These Little Red Itchy Bumps?

A rash is a collection of little red bumps that are almost always itchy. Rashes have a variety of causes, but they’re most often an a...

... middle of paper ...

...ens are often found in products that you use on a daily basis. You may have built up a sensitivity to a particular ingredient, or the manufacturer may have changed the formulation of a favorite product. If the cause of your itchy red bumps is insect bites, you may need the services of an exterminator if wearing protective clothing outside doesn’t help.

When Is It Necessary to See a Doctor?

You will seldom need to consult a doctor for itchy red bumps. However, if they don’t go away within a week or so of trying any of the OTC or home remedies, it may be time to consult a skin specialist or allergist.

If your bumps or any skin growth starts showing significant changes in color, size, or shape; or if a bump or growth becomes painful or starts bleeding, then consult a dermatologist promptly. Abnormal bumps, lumps, or growths can be an indication of a serious problem.

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