Small Business Marketing Is From Mars Essay

Small Business Marketing Is From Mars Essay

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Small Business Marketing is from Mars. Small Business Customers Are from Venus.

Sometimes small business owners are the last people to pick up on changes in consumer buying behavior, until it impacts their bottom line. In small businesses it can be harder to discern these changes than larger businesses, but there are plenty of signs for anyone who wants to look for them.

Salespeople once owned and controlled most of the information about their company. If you wanted to learn about their products, you had to talk to a salesperson. That’s why the phone rang then, but not now. Today most all product and service information is readily available in a Google search. Salespeople have no idea what their prospective buyers already know about their company and competitors until they have a conversation (if that even happens) or if they collect lead intelligence data from their website through reverse IP look up and cookie tracking.

A lot of businesses are still not taking advantage of all of the features that can be provided on their website such as allowing customers to place orders, pay online through PayPal, and schedule appointments. The idea of customers walking into a physical location or even picking up the phone to make a transaction is increasingly becoming obsolete with more and more people trusting online transactions. Consider ways to reduce any friction that may be present in a marketing or business situation.

Remember, more and more of the internet searches done today are on a mobile device, so make sure online transactions are mobile friendly too. If your competition does this first, or better than you, they have an upper hand in the marketplace in the future.

Consider the influence of review sites such as Google and Y...

... middle of paper ... audience on TV.
Although newspapers still retain a loyal readership, it’s likely that your ads are being seen by an aging demographic and the younger generation is not seeing them. You can get a lot more bang for your buck with ads on channels such as YouTube and social media.

It’s crucial that your marketing takes into account the new generation of well informed, exacting, consumers or your business could go out of date fast. If you have been doing your marketing in a certain way for many years’ change can be hard to fathom, let alone implement. You need to remember that small businesses have seen, and survived, many changes in the past. Some of these changes have been every bit as dramatic as the one the marketing landscape is currently going through. In fact, many of these small businesses have thrived on market changes to become successful large businesses.

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