Small Business Development in the United States Essay

Small Business Development in the United States Essay

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Small businesses were once the backbone of the United States economy. After a time these business owners expanded, merged, and bought other businesses. This historic business trend has created some the well know corporations we know of today. One example would be the development of Wal-mart. Today, small businesses operate in the shadows of “big box” stores. However, small business owners account for more than 90% of, but only less than 5% or 10% of the GDP, “gross domestic product.” As a manager of a large corporation or a prospective business owner it is wise to be knowladgeble of new competitors, state of the economy, and current management trends. There are trends today that will change everyone’s expecatons of small business development for 2014.
Competition is always present for every business. Most competiors are already established with their own reputation and brand name. Competion is always changing in many ways, including new businesses entering the market. This new competition can be a tottaly different concept of how to offer the same service or product and new product or service. As a hopeful business owner I like to keep up to date on exciting new startup businesses and business trends. I will first share with you a few new businesses that will gain more ground in 2014. Some are new concepts and others just another way to be of service. Then I will go over the state of our economy and what are some signs that suggest expansion and growth for the new year. Lastly I would like to point out some current trends taking place that will have an effect directly or indirectly on employees or owners.

Body: development and presentation of the topic. Implications, and applications or lessons learned
In 2014 small busine...

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...g work with the intent to grow and development the individual.

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