Essay on Small Business Cybersecurity and the Public Cloud

Essay on Small Business Cybersecurity and the Public Cloud

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Symantec’s recent State of the Information survey – conducted over 38 countries worldwide – found that subject matter experts expected their data storage needs to increase by 178% over the next year (Kilpatrick, 11). This is a truly astounding number that has already been realized. Data storage needs continue to expand yearly at similar levels. How will small business keep up financially with a burgeoning infrastructure? What about paying the cost required to ensure security, both in terms of specialized equipment and qualified personnel to operate it? Can small business successfully identify, mitigate, and accept risk associated with their stored data? According to Shailja Tripathi, a research scholar at the Facility of Operations and Systems, IFHE University, in Hyderabad, India, public cloud computing may be the answer to these questions for small businesses. Public cloud computing can access infrastructure, network storage, operating systems, and applications online from a centralized, third-party facility that specializes in those services. This view is also shared by Renee and Darren Conner, President and Director of Product Development respectively, at PensionPro Software in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. If an internet connection is available, this resource is available for use. One only needs to look as far as Google Apps to see this in action. Expanding the use of public cloud computing will drastically improve future cybersecurity postures in small business.
Public cloud computing reduces infrastructure requirements for small business customers and creates a smaller technology profile which reduces maintenance requirements for the small business while simultaneously giving hackers less targets to hit. Software,...

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