Slumdog Millionaire By Vikas Swarup Essay

Slumdog Millionaire By Vikas Swarup Essay

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People take for granted what they have. Food, water, shelter are all common necessities that people cannot live with. These three everyday necessities that people in the third world countries have not been blessed to have. It is heartbreaking that while some people waste food, people in other parts of the world are struggling to survive. Is it not right that people in the third world countries are also looking for the same happiness that first world people have. They don 't deserve to be in that situation.

In the Novel "Slumdog Millionaire" by Vikas Swarup, the reader is introduced to the society of Asia 's biggest slum. The author takes us through the journey of how the "slumdogs" lived their daily lives. How the struggles were worse than anything imaginable. The author emphasizes the slums were not a place that someone would want to live in. He tells us about the way you survive in the slums and how you take care of your family and yourself.

The author starts by telling the reader about how life has been always a struggle for Ram Mohammed Thomas the main character of the novel. How he battled through a lot in his life and still had to battle to find happiness. Ram had been abandoned by his mother when he was just a baby. Ram was left in a bin near a church and got adopted by a family after they found him. He was then abandoned again by the family that adopted him. When Ram was a young child, he was raised by a pastor. However due to unfortunate circumstances, he was back to being an orphan without anyone to take care of him.
The novel begins with Ram being arrested. When he is taken to jail the officers torture him to get some important information. Ram is being accused of cheating on the game show, Wh...

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...e reader that poverty encourages abuse. Before Ram had the fame of winning the game show and the money that came with it he got abused by almost everyone. After winning all of that changed.

In conclusion, Ram is a significant boy/man. Rams life has been awfully tough. He has street smarts and has a pure heart. He has seen things that children his age should not have to see. Ram meets many people as he is growing up. He has to journey across India does his best to survive. He lives in the streets and works for the rich. When it looks like all seems lost for Ram he finds a way to fix the situation. This shows that poverty took a toll on Ram and the way he escaped it. Ram had to do anything to escape poverty and even if it meant he had to risk his life for it. Overall poverty affects many people; it doesn 't go easy on anyone. Ram found that out the hard way.

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Slumdog Millionaire By Vikas Swarup Essay

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