Slovenia: From state economy to the EU austerity measures Essay

Slovenia: From state economy to the EU austerity measures Essay

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The death of Josip Broz Tito in 1980, made some significant changes within Yugoslavia. As one of the constituent Republics of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Slovenia was considered to be the most prosperous republic of Yugoslavia (ESI). But the election of Slobodan Milosevic as the President of Serbia and then later as the 3rd President of Yugoslavia; the rise of nationalism of the ethnic groups; and the economic turmoil within Yugoslavia shaped within the geography of the Balkans. Driven by those circumstances, Slovenians declared their independence from the Federation after its 10-day war in 1991 (ESI). As a country, Slovenia is connected to Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, while as region Slovenia is a meeting-point for four European geographic regions: the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Dinaric area and the Pannonian region (EU Business). Although very close to the EU in geographical terms, Slovenia completed the EU accession only in 2004, thus becoming the first former Yugoslav republic to join the EU, and one of the first new members states to be part of EU Eurozone by 2007 (ESI). As one of the most liberal republics of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the transition of Slovenian economy from a state economy to a free market was easier compared to the rest of the ex-Communist states (BBC). In this paper, we are going to compare the economy of Slovenia prior and post EU accession, and the social implication of this transition within the society.
The economic turmoil within Yugoslavia had a negative impact on the Slovenian economy as well. Although Slovenia was the strongest economy of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, its export-oriented economy wasn’t untouchable from the economic crisis (NY Times). Prior to the inde...

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Table 1:
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