Essay about Sleeping Habits

Essay about Sleeping Habits

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Everyday people are cutting down on the good aspects of life that are needed to sustain a healthy life style, in order to achieve the goals of their busy life schedule. The biggest component of one’s life that does not receive the full attention it deserves is sleep. Society, as a global scaled group, is guilty of minimizing the amount of sleep that one needs to achieve per night. Instead of actually taking the time to sleep and allow for the brain to rest, people replace sleep with other activities and methods to keep up, such as yoga and caffeine; but these activities are not able sustain and rejuvenate the brain like sleep does. As a result, replacing sleep has a detrimental affect on the human mind, physical appearance, and thought process. Most people feel the heaviness of their eyelids pulling down over their eyes with force of gravity, feel the pressure of their body heaving down, and constant drumming thought of sleep in their head, but why does most of society choose to ignore it? Why do we ignore the consequences of not sleeping, even though, we know how dangerous it can be?

The guiltiest group of people who chose to ignore the longing of sleep happens to be students. Out of a 191 students (95 men and 96 women), the average amount of sleep a person received per night was six hours and fifty-five minutes, with a deviation of one hour and forty-five minutes, while, the healthy estimate of sleep a student should be receiving is eight hours and fifteen minutes (Buboltz, Brown, & Soper, 2001). This means that one hour and twenty minutes of sleep each night is being lost. Using these numbers, a student should be averaging fifty-seven hours and forty-five minutes of sleep per week, but, if one person only sleeps an average...

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