Sleeping Disorders : Children And Sleep Disorders Essay

Sleeping Disorders : Children And Sleep Disorders Essay

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Sleeping Disorder in the Early Years
Child Psychology 105 3C
Kenedi Wendt

Have you or anybody you have known had a sleeping disorder? Sleep disorders are very common in young children. There are several sleeping disorders, but some that are specific in children. (Children and Sleep Disorders). Some sleep disorders that are in children are narcolepsy, enuresis, and sleepwalking. Some parents might wonder if their child is getting enough sleep at night. Sleep is vital to the children’s development. It can cause lack of focus, behavioral issues, and learning problem (Children and Sleep Disorders).
Sleep walking also known as “somnambulism” generally occurs more often in children ages 3-8 then in adults. Psychoanalytic Theory suggests that sleepwalking gives people the chance to express how they are feeling (Sleepwalking). Sleep walking episodes usually are pretty short and only last for about an half an hour. Sleepwalking tends to occur when you are in a deep non-REM sleep. The causes of sleepwalking in children is unknown but can be anxiety, fatigue or lack of sleep that the child is getting (Sleepwalking). When someone is sleepwalking it may look like they are awake because there eye might be open or they sitting up or walking around.
There are several symptom of sleep walking. Some include being confused, sitting up, not acting like you remember what happen when someone brought it your attention, aggressive when you are woke up, and looking like you are awake (Sleepwalking). Most episodes of sleepwalking only occur for up to about 10 minutes but there is episodes that can last up to 30 minutes. When sleepwalkers are done with their episode they usually fall back to sleep, but not always in the same spot th...

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...ervousness, night time sleep getting disturbed, and heart rhythm. Antidepressants are also used and can have some of the same side effects. Another medication that can be used is sodium oxybate. This medication is taken during the night and reduces the daytime sleepiness and cataplexy (Narcolepsy Fact Sheet).
There are several sleeping disorders that you can find in children. Sleepwalking, enuresis, sleep terrors, and narcolepsy are some of the common ones that found throughout the childhood years. These all can have an impact on the child’s life. Some can be long term effects that the child might have to live with as they get older, but some the child will grow out of. Having any type of disorder is not fun to have because you can get named after that. From the different types to the medication that there are to help, sleeping disorders are common in young children.

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