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The, Sleeping Beauty And Snow White Essay examples

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For many years, fairy tales have been shared with children; whether as teachable, pleasureful or bedtime readings. We are all familiar with the classic’s like: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. These stories hold easy recognizability for the patterns created within them. Patterns that induce, repeated reminders of the gender binary system and social class hierarchies, as well as determinants of the western society. Children’s books are not excluded from the mass portrayal of the role that your sex should play to children, but rather to create different schemas at a young age that carry throughout the lives of the children. There also tends to be a social restriction on writers creativity, especially when examining role reversal/diversity. This type of literature also, considers issues of beauty, age, ethnicity, and ability as they impact the value we place on individuals. Thereby, this brings me to the start of my research on the popular Robert Munsch picture book, The Paper Bag Princess. It takes complete grasp of role reversal position for the characters through the story, comparably to other fairytales. In that manner, this book allows children to be aware and understand there is diversity around individuals, these ideas of how males or females should behave are socially fabricated.
Stereotypes, are socially fabricated/constructed ideas on a member of a specific group or social category. The gender binary, is being non conceptually defined a male or female sex at birth. Gender Stereotyping is categorizing males and females into certain ‘norms’ and typical behaviours. This is how these terms will be defined through out this paper to eliminate confusion. Lastly, Beautiful is referring to the Western Culture’s basis w...

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... question standards that reflect and respect only people with certain physical attributes. Many different types of courses address issues of self-concept, perception, and identity. These courses often introduce the idea that attractive, young, and able-bodied individuals are valued more than others and then point out that less attractive, older, and disabled individuals are often devalued and even discriminated against.” (Brule, 72)
Robert Munsch has succeeded in diminishing gender stereotyping in a way that also reduces social determinants like beauty, intelligence, and possessions. Angela and Mark Gooden state, “Children’s books also served as a socializing tool to transmit these values to the next generation” (89). Chiefly, coupled with the idea that, there is a need for more books like The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch in our Western Society and Culture.

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