Essay about Sleep Loss Effects On Cognitive Performance

Essay about Sleep Loss Effects On Cognitive Performance

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We spend approximately a third of our life sleeping, usually once every night for about eight to nine hours. Sleep can be defined as a reversible state of perceptual disengagement from and unresponsiveness to the environment (Krizan & Herlache, 2015). It is quite common that sleep loss can have serious harmful effects on cognitive performance (Kamphuis, Meerlo, Koolhaas, & Lancel, 2012). Sleep loss may also affect emotional function and chronically disrupted sleep may even sensitize individuals to mood disorders (Kamphuis, Meerlo, Koolhaas, & Lancel, 2012). Many studies have assessed the relation between fewer hours of sleep and aggression. Prior research also hints at a link between insufficient sleep and various problem behaviors in both children and adults (Vaughn, Salas-Wright, & White, 2015). However, there is a little research on the link between hours of sleep and aggression, so if sleep problems are a possible risk factor for aggressive behavior, treating sleep disturbances may reduce in the rate of crime and be beneficial to society at large. Though, the necessary purpose of sleep remains a mystery, but sleep plays a role in many functions such as toxin disposal from the brain, physical rest, physiological regeneration, encoding, and integration of newly learned information (Krizan & Herlache, 2015). To avoid any mental and physical health damages, I would recommend to sleep up to about eight to nine hours and it will benefit for you to get proper rest and allow your body and mind rest. My research question is focused on if sleep problems is one of many risk factors of reactive aggressive.
Aggression in adolescents and young adults
Sleep problems among youth are an international public health concern. The high rates of...

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...huis, Dijk, Spreen, & Lancel, 2014). The prior research has found that reactive aggression was associated with sleep problems and the anxiety symptoms intermediated this association, which provoke the negative emotions and physiological arousal such as anxiety (Fite, Becker, Rubens, & Cheathm-Johnson, 2015). It suggests that people with psychiatric disorders are more likely impulse in reactive aggressive than healthy people. For people with psychiatric disorder, they often have a poor impulsive control already. Sleep problems may worsen the lack of prefrontal behavioral inhibition of impulsive aggressive. For example, there was a study in the Netherlands indicated that almost fifty percent of forensic psychiatric patients have problems related to sleep quality and about twenty percent who suffer from severe, chronic insomnia (Kamphuis, Dijk, Spreen, & Lancel, 2014).

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