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We can recognize that there are twenty-four hours per day and we usually spend less or more than eight hours out of total to sleep, which also means that we spend about one-third of our life sleeping, indeed. Even the scientists still haven 't discovered why we need to spend that much of our living time on sleep. We just simply need to. However, there are one other thing we can easily figure out from this fact is that if our sleeping condition doesn 't reach the appropriate amount of time as well as the appropriate quality needed, one-third of our life are being affected which might lead to living standard 's degradability. By rights, sleep is crucial to every creature on Earth. All of us deserve to have the best state of sleep. Lack of sleep, no matter how serious the level is, basically makes human life as much of vulnerability as possible, especially for children and college students. Tons of articles have addressed the issue, however, only some of them would like to emphasize the solutions of it. There are several useful methods – pharmacological and non-pharmacological – mentioned as the improvement of the situation such as using sleeping pills, rearranging school/work schedule, etc. Nevertheless, according to sources about psychological studies and experiments, the mindfulness-based approach associated with cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most promising, non-pharmacological way out for this damageable issue. People should consider on taking advantage of mindfulness meditation therapy as much as possible in treatment of disorders, especially in chronic sleep disturbances.
In the article “Lack of Sleep Blights Pupils’ education” written by Sean Coughlan, lack of sleep is a huge concealed variable in bringing down t...

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...y by Ong, Shapiro, and Manber (2008), at the end of the MBT-I therapy, over 93% of the population stayed less than the minimum limit for “clinically significant insomnia” (the Insomnia Severity Index). Moreover, according to another study of theirs in 2009, about 61% of the population haven’t suffered from a relapse of insomnia throughout the year following the treatment (1177). Therefore, it’s crystal clear that the result of mindfulness-based approach is brightly promising at the moment, as a treatment of sleep disturbances.
Despite the fact that companies manufacturing medicinal drugs can give the patients alleviation, behavioral improvement have no side effects and focus on the intellectual and behavioral parts of rest issues. For that reason, saying that mindfulness-based therapy is better than most of the treatment of sleep problems could be an understatement.

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