Sleep Is Essential For All Human Life Essay

Sleep Is Essential For All Human Life Essay

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Sleep is essential to all human life. Sleep is when the body reaches a state in which the nervous system is largely inactive, postural muscles are relaxed, and human consciousness is paused. There are 5 stages to sleep. Stages 1 and 2 are the processes of falling asleep. Human eye movement slows down and muscle activity slows in stage 1. In stage 2, eye movement stops completely and brain waves begin to slow, with bursts of rapid waves called “sleep spindles”. Stages 3 and 4 are known as “deep sleep.” By stage 3, the brain produces slow delta waves with the normal brain waves. In stage 4, the brain only produces these slow delta waves (What Is Sleep). After stage 4, humans switch into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Breathing and eye movement become rapid and irregular. Blood pressure rises and heart rate increases. The body goes through stages 3, 4, and REM during deep sleep and repeats these stages in a cycle. Research suggests that humans should achieve 8 to 10 hours of sleep to keep the brain function and other systems running properly. Sleep deprivation is a condition of not receiving enough sleep; it can be either chronic or acute sleep deprivation. Acute sleep deprivation can be one day to a couple weeks, but doesn 't continue for long periods of time. Sleep deprivation is considered chronic when a person has insomnia at least three nights a week for a month or longer (WebMd). The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) claims around 50-70 million US adults do not receive enough sleep, because of sleep disorders and insomnia. Sleep deprivation is caused by many factors, such as shift working, medical conditions, and social demands of life. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “45 percent of Americans say ...

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...ant finding was sleep deprivation increased anhedonic depression.
In conclusion, sleep deprivation is devastating for human health. The main causes of shift working, overwhelming daily life, emotional and physical stress, and many other factors result in psychological and physiological issues. Psychological issues that become present are greater levels of insomnia, depression, anxiety, and aggressive mood. Physiological changes that can occur are rises in weight, increase in hunger, and increase in blood pressure. According to Jolanta Orzel-Gryglewska after 6 days of complete sleep deprivation, humans can no longer interpret reality. In addition, sleep deprivation can hinder one 's ability to correctly perform tasks at work, which can cause extreme hazards in the workplace (Grandner). Not receiving enough sleep can cause catastrophic problems on the human body.

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