Sleep Disturbances and Maternal Sleep Essay

Sleep Disturbances and Maternal Sleep Essay

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Hypothesis: Children with sleep disturbances create poor quality of sleep and daytime functioning for the maternal parent.
Variables: When predicting weather a child’s sleep disruptions affected the quality of maternal sleep; the dependent variable was the quality of sleep for the maternal parent and the independent variable was the child’s sleep disruptions. When predicting weather a child’s sleep disruption affected the daily functioning of the maternal parent; the dependent variables were the cause of poor sleep such as overload, depression, paternal distress, fatigue, and sleepiness. The independent variables were child sleep disruptions and maternal sleep quality.
Sample: Families were nominated who had healthy children and mothers with no previous diagnosis of a sleep disorder. They required access to a telephone and had to be capable of answering questions in English. The study consisted of forty-seven mothers who were ninety-eight percent Caucasian and between the ages of thirty and fifty. Ninety-six percent were married and eighty-nine percent had completed education beyond high school. Many of the mothers had jobs: forty percent working part-time out of the home and thirty-two percent working full-time at home. The children were between the ages of three and fourteen and a half. The children consisted of sixty-four percent male and seventy-nine percent had their own room. The child being studied either had no siblings or up to five siblings.
Methods: The research was conducted by the use of multiple types of surveys which were conducted by telephone. The first was a sleep survey called the Children’s Sleep Habits Questionnaire (CSHQ) which is a forty-five item questionnaire that examines the previous w...

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...ions. There were a lot of surveys to complete within the two-week time period of the study. The surveys should be spread out a little more and be over a month’s time so they do not cause stress.
The article relates to me because my child had a hard time falling asleep and woke up numerous times during the night. This started from the day she was born till almost the age of 4. Many days it was hard to function because of fatigue and stress. The simplest task of putting your child to sleep became the most dreaded time of the day. Even though you wanted them to sleep so badly, so you could also sleep, it was an exhausting exercise that seemed to take hours. I hope this article makes people aware of the affect your child’s sleep has on yourself and find treatment. I also hope this article creates more treatment options for children with sleep disruptions.

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