Sleep Deprivation Versus Vast Sleep Effects On Response Time Essay

Sleep Deprivation Versus Vast Sleep Effects On Response Time Essay

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Sleep Deprivation versus Vast Sleep Effects on Response Time
Do Humans Need Sleep?

Sleep deprivation may change our motor and bodily functions and ongoing sleep deprivation is harmful and often deadly (Saey 2009). Often sleep deprivation may cause our immune systems to do poorly and hence making us sick. This is important to consider as full-time college students are often sleep deprived during most of the school year. Although students are wary of succeeding in their classes and often prefer to sleep less hours than fail to study for an exam. It is important to consider that sleep deprivation may make it difficult to perform and focus in lectures, discussions, or during exams (Saey 2009). Most importantly, our motor response slows down and often makes it even more difficult to succeed in class. Although some studies indicate that sleep deprivation is adaptable, this remains a question (Belenky 2003). Therefore, understanding the relation between response time and hours of sleep might be an initial indicator of the effects of vast sleep and sleep deprivation. The focus of this study is to determine, whether life science 23L students that had 3 hours of sleep before the Computerized Memory Interference Test (CMIT) pictures test will have a slower response time compared to subjects that had 10 hours of sleep before the test. Or that Ls23l students that had 3 hours of sleep and 10 hours of sleep before the CMIT-pictures test will have the same response rate.
Materials and Methods:
This study and collection of data took place September 26, 2016 in a computer lab at UCLA Wgyoung hall. To assess the effects of sleep on human response time, we used a Computerized Memory Interference Test, CMIT. CMIT is an active study sit...

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...e p-value (P>0.05) does not support the hypothesis of this study. The null hypothesis is considerable, which further supports a previous study that sleep deprivation is adaptable (Belenkly 2003). Interestingly, ls23l students that slept 10 hours before the CMIT pictures test had less number of responses, whereas, students with 3 hours of sleep had more responses in 0.8 and 0.85 seconds (Figure 1). Future CMIT questionnaire studies should add questions that ask about the number of consecutive days that participant slept for 3 or 10 hours. The CMIT-test does not ask participants about their sleep routine and whether that X amount of sleep was an occasional or random. However, sleep deprivation and vast sleep can potentially be deadly and understanding the way sleep factors into humans daily performance is a mingling questions scientist are still trying to understand.

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