Essay on Sleep Deprivation On The Body And Brain

Essay on Sleep Deprivation On The Body And Brain

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Today, sleep deprivation is a well-known phenomenon. Unfortunately there are still various unanswered questions to this idea. Thankfully with much research we have learned a few effects that lack of sleep has on the human body and brain. A few experimental research studies, the researchers looked at the effects of sleep deprivation on the brain itself. The results of these experiments show that sleep deprivation effects brain chemistry. It also affects various areas of the brain such as connectivity and signaling, especially in the hippocampus and frontal brain regions. With all of these areas being altered, it affects our long-term memory function and our decision making. Sleep deprivation also affects how we handle stress, our cognitive function and performance. If we cannot handle stress it can lead to various other issues in life. A final aspect that sleep deprivation affects is our mood and when we don 't get adequate sleep we can have negative moods.
Minkel et. al. (2014) created an experiment that was designed to investigate the effects of sleep deprivation on the psychological stress reactions in adults. They began this experiment by recruiting participants and divided them into randomized groups between one night of sleep deprivation and a normal night sleep. After each group completed a night sleep, they issued a test known as the Trier Social Stress Test to test their stress level. Before the experiment the participants ' saliva was collected to create a baseline for the level of cortisol and salivary amylase. They then had the participants give a speech and complete math problems in front of a group. Once the test was completed the experimenters then collected saliva 5 and 20 minutes before the test. They also collec...

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...ell (Bernier, 2009). With all of these effects we can become moody, stressed, have trouble remembering and even make more poor choices than we would if we had adequate sleep.
We have various research on what happens to our brain when we don’t get adequate sleep. With all the data we know how important it is to get sleep. There are several unanswered questions but one that comes to mind is what makes people not get enough sleep? With the areas of the brain being affected due to lack of sleep, does how our brain is affected lead to a cycle of sleep deprivation? What I mean is that do we get so sleep deprived do we just continue on a cycle of lack of sleep. I
expect to find is that there is a possible cycle of being sleep deprived. For example we see high school and college students continually pull all-nighters to get assignments complete and get sleep deprived.

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