Essay on Sleep Deprivation Is Harmful For The Brain

Essay on Sleep Deprivation Is Harmful For The Brain

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Sleep Deprivation
Each night when one decides to stay up for another hour or to pull an “all-nighter” they may have not realized what some of the consequences may be. Sleep Deprivation is unhealthy for the brain as it can cause memory loss and deteriorate one’s consciousness while getting enough sleep each night can prevent wrinkles, periorbital edema, and depression. Just one hour a night of missed sleep can decrease reflexes, cognitive thinking, and cause memory loss.
Sleep deprivation is caused by the stress of one’s daily life. After a stressful day, coming home and trying to sleep can be difficult. While trying to fall asleep the stressful memories will become stronger as there is nothing else to distract one from them. This makes it difficult to fall asleep as sleep is a time to recover not to stress out. With this just losing half an hour of sleep can lower one’s alertness by thirty-two percent. Drowsy driving is the cause of 100,000 automobile crashes, 71,000 injuries, and 1,550 fatalities a year.
Sleep deprivation may cause high blood pressure, heart attacks, heart failure, strokes, and obesity. Studies have shown that people that are getting less than seven hours of sleep each night have a higher mortality risk. Reduced sleep has a higher mortality risk than smoking, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Some causes of sleep deprivation as in appearance are that they will seem older and more tired, the skin loses elasticity, more wrinkles will form, and dark circles will appear under the eyes. Also it is possible for one without enough sleep to have a lowered ability to metabolize glucose which can cause diabetes, high blood pressure causing hypertension, blurred vision making it hard to focus on a book or screen...

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...ds and steer ones somnambulist away from stairs. Night terrors is Screaming, thrashing, frantically pacing night terrors earn their name, both for the person experiencing one and for anyone around during the event. (“Disorders during sleep”)

In conclusion, not getting enough sleep can be dangerous and even life threatening. It is very important to get enough sleep each night as it will prevent wrinkles, dark circles, and the inability to focus. If one gets enough sleep they will feel refreshed with more energy and be able to focus easier, have better cognitive thinking, and better memory. Also losing weight will be much easier for most by just getting the correct amount of sleep each night to regulate Leptin and Ghrelin. Sleep deprivation is not only dangerous because of the lack of cognitive thinking but also because the body will completely shut down without it.

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