Sleep Deprivation And Its Effects On The Lives And Culture Of Different Races Around The World

Sleep Deprivation And Its Effects On The Lives And Culture Of Different Races Around The World

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Dreaming and sleeping are important part of our lives and culture of different races around the world. Especially, the sleeping allows us to strengthen all of the information that we have collected during the present day, facilitates metabolism of our body, promotes secretion of the growth hormones, repairs body from previous tired day and prepares body ready for the new day (Myers, & G. D , 2010). Which benefits to the full time second language students like myself who always stay alertness to prepare for new day’s challenge. The ancient Greeks philosopher Aristotle believed that sleep was an irresistible behavior that an organism will inevitably succumb to it and there is no creature can always awake or always asleep (Aristotle, n.d). He also believed that the dream is the language of a person’s subconscious mind which somewhat related to the sleep (Aristotle, n.d).
Sleeping is important in our lives, and lacking of sleep can cause a series of physical symptoms which eventually cause a person death. According to the sleep deprivation study from the CIA interrogator at Guantanamo Bay that they putted dozen of detainees into sleep deprivation test and after first day prisoner appear different degree of physical symptoms and the circumstance became worse with time eclipsed and it eventually caused some detainees nearly died (Palmer, B ,n.d). Therefore, it is necessary for a person has enough rest time during the night, due to sleep deprivation will eventually result in a person died. And according to the report of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development from the UK news that averagely people would spend about 26 years in the bed (Mirror, 2009), and 25 years in the sleep or dream(, 2015).

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...s the collective unconscious, and the final one is personal unconscious which is used experience and the mind is resisted for a person to recall (Hurd, R , n.d).
Overall, to study dreaming is not an easy task, although there are a considerable number of people believe that discover the mystery behind the dreaming is pointless and meaningless, and most of psychoanalyst and psychiatrist’ theories are not testable or unreliable. But however, It helps me to better understand how it works while we are sleeping and why I never have a complete memory of my dream.
Overall, I would like to conclude the dream into one phrase regard of the composed theories above. The mental images we have seen is always having some sort of related to our social and cultural difference, that is, we perceive the image of hidden unconconscious differently during the condition of the REM sleep.

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