Sleep And Mood Are Closely Connected Essays

Sleep And Mood Are Closely Connected Essays

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Sleep and mood are closely connected. No matter your age, getting the right amount of sleep increases your productivity. People know that when they get a good night’s sleep, they feel better and awful when they don’t. Sleeping improves your insight, learning and memory. It is extremely essential for a person’s health and wellbeing. Lack of sleep has many negative effects, on one 's mood. “A recent survey found that more people are sleeping less than six hours a night, and sleep difficulties visit 75% of us, at least a few nights per week” (Harvard Health Publications). After a sleepless night, you can be more irritable, vulnerable to stress, and short-tempered. Sleep deprivation affects your immune system, body weight and much more. Chronic sleep loss can lead to many health problems, including high blood pressure, weight gain, low immune system and much more.

Sleep helps increase a healthy brain functioning and emotional well being. “Sleep helps the brain commit new information to memory through a process called memory consolidation. Researchers have found a link between good grades and sufficient amount of sleep” (Harvard Health Publications 2006). In studies, people who’d slept after learning a task did better on tests later. There have been many studies that have shown students that get more sleep generally do better than students who do not. Researchers, at University of Pennsylvania, have found that subjects who had around four and half hours of sleep every night for a week stated that they felt stressed, angrier, sad, and mentally exhausted. The subjects resumed normal sleep, they reported that they had a dramatic improvement in their mood. ("Sleep and Mood", 2008). People who are tired usually do not want to do anything ...

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...sion, sleep enhances the mental and emotional well being of children, teens and grownups. Sleep affects many parts in our lives, including our mental and emotional well-being, our mood, our safety and alertness and much more. A good amount of sleep can boost the right mood for working well and getting a lot done and improves safety when completing daily tasks. Besides, sound sleep promotes hormonal balance and boosts the immune system. Sleep is like nutrition for the brain. The average person needs seven to nine hours of sleep a night. When you get less that that, your body reacts in strange ways that lead even the best dieters right towards Ben & Jerry’s. Sleep is necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for all age groups. It is suprising how much sleep can help the human boddy in a number of ways, and yet, the lack of sleep can put us at danger daily.

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