Slavery Was A Terrible Thing Essay

Slavery Was A Terrible Thing Essay

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Slavery in America was a terrible thing, but no one knows about the laws that went along with slavery called slave codes. Slave codes were laws that were designated by each southern slave state (including Delaware even though it is considered a northern state) that were to be followed by slaves and their owners. Slave codes were closely associated with black codes. Black codes were in place for the free black people living in America, which was after the abolishment of slavery in 1865. Slave codes were laws that were inhumane and were in favor of the white slave owners. Slave codes were also the foundation of the Jim Crow laws of the south which furthered the oppression of black people.
Slave codes made sure that slaves were treated inferior to their white owners. According to Clayton Jewett and John Allen, in Alabama, slaves could be punished by branding if they were accused of running away. Slaves could be sentenced to death any physical violence, but if a white person killed a slave then they would pay a fine of one hundred pounds, which translates to 131.73 U.S. dollars today. Slaves also could not claim self-defense in the killing of another person, and could only be charged with murder in the first degree. The white slave owners were repaid if their slave was executed. One slave was whipped to death by his owner and the owner had only spent two months in jail and was required to pay a five hundred dollar fine (Slavery In the South, Jewett).If slaves ever disobeyed the slave codes they would be punished by whippings in public, ranging from fifty to five hundred lashes. Slaves were also not allowed to learn how to read or write. This caused the slaves to be uneducated and set them behind once freedom was in view. In Dela...

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...ey were executed.
Many people are aware of what slavery is, but do not know what the laws and policies were that slave owners and slaves had to abide by. Slave codes were unfair and caused black people to seem inferior to white people. As one could see the comparison of the punishment put in place for the same crimes committed by a white slave owner and for a slave are completely different. A slave could die for the same crime a white slave owner would just pay a fine for. Slave codes created the infrastructure of the Jim Crow laws of the south which continued the negative treatment of black people in America. There were a handful of similar aspects between Jim Crow laws and slave codes. To conclude, slave codes directly caused the oppression of black people, by treating them unequally and creating the foundation of Jim Crow laws that further oppressed black people.

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