Slavery Was A Major Issue From The End Of The Colonies Essay

Slavery Was A Major Issue From The End Of The Colonies Essay

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Slavery in America was a major issue from the beginning start of the colonies. Slavery for some was viewed ethical and reasonable, but there were a few that knew it was not humane. Slaves were created to help get work done on farms or factories and to make more profit off labor. Slaves received less benefits and no pay for their hard labor and also got treated worse overtime. Colonists realized they could buy slaves from Africa for extremely cheap and not have to pay them anything for their labor, so Africans were brought to America by the thousands and this was the beginning of the slave trade and racial difference. This is also when the whites decided they were inferior to Africans. This feeling of inferiority that the white people developed was a root issue for the future of slavery in America. This root would lead to broken and horrible roads for the slaves. Whites had more property and power with the more slaves they owned. In the beginning of slavery, slaves did not notice that their liberties were being taken from them because they thought they were coming to a better life. Slaves realized they could have a free life if they escaped their masters. This caused runaway slaves. Runaway slaves took off away from their masters to find a better life in another state. Slaves began to find places that would help runaways and support them for a short time. This did not last long because the Fugitive Slave Law was passed shortly after which was a disadvantage for the slaves. The slave resistance grew because the slaves were tired of being held captive and abused by their masters. Slaves were disappearing and finding hiding places or fleeing to places that had banned slavery. Slaves wanted more for their lives. They deserved to be fre...

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... escape because of many factors. They were beaten by masters and also physically abused with rape and other physical abuses. Women were treated badly because in the south the masters could do whatever they pleased to do with their slaves and it would not hurt their reputation. Both men and women wanted a way out of this misery of a life that they were living. The ones that wanted a better life saw hope for a brighter future and some even decided that it would be better to die than to live and be a slave.
Slaves would run away constantly and the masters and white men were getting tired or losing their slaves and trying to find them or people in towns would wander if the African Americans were slaves or free slaves and so the slave owners took initiative and made action to get a Fugitive Slave Law set in place in 1850. This law states that any escaped slaves must be

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