Essay about Slavery : The Original Sin Of The United States

Essay about Slavery : The Original Sin Of The United States

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Today slavery is commonly viewed with a mixture of outrage and disgust. Some have declared slavery as the Original Sin of the United States. While many would love to erase the stain of slavery from the history of the United States, there were men and women who defended slavery. One of these slave supporters was Fitzhugh. Some of his arguments are on target; however, Fitzhugh seems blinded by his devotion. He contends that slavery is needed and as beneficial to the slave as the master.
Fitzhugh stands on the idea of the benevolent master as a father. Subservience alone may allow mutual affection between two people. He likens the familial bonds of a father to the relationship between master and slave. He states that all society has a substratum people, in the south these people are slaves, and the substratum of the north are factory workers and immigrants. In the south under the protection of slavery the weak and the poor are provided for, not unlike children. Conversely, in the north the poor and the weak are crushed beneath the grind of the free market. Fitzhugh’s comments on the slave master relationship, saying that the needs of the master require the preservation of the slave. The slave he continues is unburdened by concern for his family welfare as it is provide for by the master. The welfare of the northerner laborer is not secured by mutual advantage. Fitzhugh defames money, saying that it is the measure of a man in the north. The south he presents as a land of plenty were hospitality rules even the poorest household. He also remarks on the troubles of the north such as; labor unions, labor strikes, mob violence. The south is free of such trouble because according to Fitzhugh the poor of the south are well fed and never ...

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...d consider the black slaves of the south cared for. However, the truth of the south was that the economy of the south needed slaves to survive. It had relied on slaves for so long the loss of slaves as labor broke the southern economy.
There is some truth to Fitzhugh’s words the poor of the north did suffer at the hands of the wealthy and the slaves of the south an investment, but neither was truly free. It is ironic that a nation born of people seeking freedom would deny the same to another. While I disagree that anyone has the right to own anyone else. Slavery was a stabilizing force in the south both economically and socially. Without the stress of completion the south was able to maintain a peacefully mien. With the loss of slavery as an economic and social stabilizer the south endured many generations of growing pains as the new order of the south evolved.

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