Essay on Slavery, Religion, And Politics

Essay on Slavery, Religion, And Politics

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Since 1450, there have been many things that brought the world together and that tore it apart. The three main categories that were big in bringing the world together and tearing the world apart, those are trade, religion, and politics. Trade usually took place throughout the oceans. Religion was based off of what the people believed, there are different types of religions, such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. Politics were dealt with a lot in kingdoms because of their rulers.
In most parts of the world, slavery was practiced across Africa from times before 1450 to times around 1800. When people today think of slavery, they see slavery in the form in which it occurred in the United States first. Nevertheless, slavery had taken many different forms. African kingdoms practiced slavery, so they offered to trade their slaves for goods. African traders were ready to trade with them.
Slave owners treated some of the slaves as their own, feeding them, and cleaning their stalls, and sometimes not punish them. Other slave owners tortured their slaves and branded them like they were cattle. Male slaves were sent to the Americas, while the females were moved to the surrounding areas of India.
The slave trade allowed societies to export and make money off of the slaves that they had captured. Economically, those who captured neighbors and took them as prisoners were able to sell them to other slave owners. Reducing the population in Africa, would make fewer people competing for resources. When demand dropped, the price for those goods also dropped. Slaves were very valuable in terms of trade, this is why Europeans and Arabs captured these slaves. Slaves were responsible for certain tasks, including cleaning the sla...

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...of the new Atlantic system extended the divisions among them. Throughout the 1450’s, the wealth of Spain tilted power. Near the end of 1450, France including England were on the rise. There were many rivalries among these two countries. These rivalries were very intense.
In conclusion, trade made it where people in the Americas could get certain goods that they couldn’t get in America. Along with slave trade, farming was made easy for people in America because they made slaves do all the work. Religion was spread about during 1450, the two new religions that had come up were Islam and Christianity. They brought the world together by having people practice their religious beliefs. Politics started within African kingdoms, and continued to grow about as we people moved forward in the world. Politics were only in kingdoms because they had rulers the governed them.

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