Essay on The Slavery Of The Slave

Essay on The Slavery Of The Slave

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From the tiny and cramped spaces of the slaves boats that traveled the seas, where the descendants of king and queens, but soon as these slaves made it to the new world they were devalued and dehumanize because of the rich melanin that was embedded in them. This new land that the boat people deemed as home, was strange and unfamiliar to the slaves, which forced the slaves to adopt and adapt to the ways of the new world. Forced into slavery, these slaves had no chose, since the day they stepped foot of the boat they were looked at as a commodity and not a human being. Furthermore, the slave was nothing but a laborer and all they knew for centuries was work, for generations they had no sense of freedom and was used day in and day out to help supply and build the world we know today. Today we live in the world that our ancestors built and for no longer will the story of the slave be silenced; their stories deserved to be told full out through anal and fabric of history itself.
When it comes to slavery the exact amount slaves that were kidnapped and taken to the new world is in question that many ponder about within the world. However, in the “Slave Trade” article, published by Dr. Bailey, the slave trade database (created by Harvard University) concluded, that at least eleven million slaves were transported from 1519 and 1867. Just let that number soak into your head “elven million” and to add more pain to the sore, more than twenty-seven thousand voyages helped delivered these “elven million”. Not once on any of these voyages, where the feelings of these innocent people taken into consideration; meanwhile, never once was the potential physiological entrapment of these slaves mind was taken into consideration either....

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...en we think of slave, because in all essence that is what they are. Our strength comes from the hardships we live throughout day in and day out and the past hardships and agony that our descendants had and was forced to live through. WE must realize that “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not surrender, that is strength” (Arnold Schwarzenegger) as African American we have the necessary power to not surrender is the face of the oppressor and hardships that we face. Many will say slavery didn’t help the African American community and holistically it didn’t but what it did help create and give birth to unsung heroes of those slaves/martyr who live then and those who are living now; because at eh end of the day every day we live we continue to add on to the story to the story of the slave.

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