The Slavery Of Slavery By John Brown Essay

The Slavery Of Slavery By John Brown Essay

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Just who was this man that could make southern mobs attack northerners, regardless of their views of slavery and make the fear of slave insurrection strengthen? His name is John brown and one might say that this former slave and black abolitionist just wanted to end slavery by causing violence between the north and the south. But to his men, his only intention was to start a general slave insurrection. For example he went to Harper 's Ferry and raided an armory with the intention of starting an armed slave army. Soon Brown became doubtful of this plan a couple of months into it and as he warned his co conspirators that it might fail. But even if it failed he would hope that it would lead to the destruction of slavery. After getting caught and put in jail he tried to offer an explanation that was contrary to this idea. He repeatedly denied his intentions to commit violence or to start a slave rebellion and even when his life was on the line he denied any violent intent. He did this knowing that his death would strengthen the abolitionist movement.

Most Americans saw John Brown one of three different ways; as a calculating insurrectionist or as a martyr or as insane. By December second, 1859, John Brown had become a symbol for the North and the South. During the middle years of the twentieth century, Brown was now seen as an emotional fanatic that has gained ground. People like John Garraty described Brown as “deranged” and that it would have been smarter to put him in an asylum. Allen Nevins said that brown was normal except when he answered questions about slavery. But then there were people like Stephen Oates for 1970 that agreed that his subject was not normal. Unlike the other ideas he rejected the idea that insanity could be...

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... it was unfair to judge Brown 's sanity because if you call him insane “is to ignore the tremendous sympathy he felt for the black man in America.” Overall most of his acquaintances saw Brown 's mental state change after the Pottawatomie killings. Also some people say that Harpers Ferry happened due to his insanity but this idea is denied by most. It was also shown that not only was Brown mentally insane, he was spiritually insane too. He had believed that God personally gave him the mission to end slavery. Also, Governor Wise stated that Brown 's sanity was as much of a Political and legal issue than a medical problem. At the time they did not want to make the public known that Brown was insane, fearing that there might be people who would think as an aberration and start a riot. Conclusively, one would agree that John Brown was not a genius but he was rather insane.

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