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Imagine being out in the fields hunting with your father. It has been a long day and a spitted warthog hangs between you. All of a sudden you are ambushed! An enemy tribe attacks you and your father. You fight using your makeshift spear but are overwhelmed by the number of tribesmen. You are hit in the head with a rock and fall unconscious. When you wake you are being loaded into a great wooden monster. You cringe in fear as you and your fellow captives are herded into this great wooden beast. You scream in protest at the white men who have chained you but they just beat you on the head with their rifles. You are taken into a dark and disgusting hold. The prisoners next to you are screaming in fear. The smell of waste and vomit permeates everything. As a white man chains you down below you think of your family and realize you are never going to see them again. Sleep comes slowly because of the cries of pain and misery; the rocking of the floor eventually puts you to sleep. A long time has passed. Your days consist of sleeping in your own filth, eating a disgusting porridge, and rarely seeing outside your hold. But one day the hold is opened and bright light blinds you. You are lifted to your weakened legs and led outside. The land is alien to you, and white men are everywhere. You are paraded in front of a great throng of white people. The humiliation is great as you are poked and inspected. Eventually you are shackled and loaded onto a horse-drawn cart. The ride is long and uncomfortable and the destination more frightening. You have no idea what is going to happen to you and are very much afraid. You come to a great house and are taken to the fields around the house. You are given into the custody of a great white brute. He puts...

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... him a great effort"(Steele). The United States has already paid off its debt to African Americans. The Slave Era was indeed a time of heartache and pain for slaves, but that time is long since passed. African Americans today enjoy more wealth and opportunity then they could have ever gotten in a modern African nation.
The fact is that no one group can be blamed for slavery. Should African Americans continue to demand reparations on flimsy grounds they should demand it of the African countries, in which it was likely ancestral tribesmen, sold them to passing slave traders. Reparations are not just, and today's African Americans must remember that they are today's African Americans. They do not live in bondage or segregation and have every opportunity to succeed, if they choose to stop looking bitterly to the past, and instead, to look forward to a brighter future.

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