Essay on Slavery For African American Slaves

Essay on Slavery For African American Slaves

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From 1750 until 1800 the colonial United States endured a period of enormous achievement along with a substantial amount of struggle. Before 1750, the new colony’s first struggle was between the colonists and England over who would have leadership within the New World. Once settled, the issues emerged from within the colonies themselves, particularly with the “belongings” they brought and imported. African American slaves were seen as property, and were not given any innate rights such as liberty or freedom when following their master to the New World. The revolution for the colonists from England began, with new freedoms received by the colonists; the slaves began to question their rights as humans. Innate rights such as liberty and freedom were the hopes and expectations that the slaves began to develop.
Throughout the Revolutionary era, African American slaves did not see any progress in their rights for liberty and freedom. On January 6, 1773, a petition was produced to discuss the injustice of slavery for African Americans. The petition was signed with a first name only, but historians have come to the assumption that the author is Felix Holbrook, who was an African American man during the Revolutionary era . Considering the point of view of the petition being written by presumably Holbrook, the odds of him being enslaved or not having rights as a citizen, the petition entertained a very personal issue that directly affected Holbrook. Being that Holbrook was coming from a disadvantage, due to the time period, he had to identify his issues with relevancy that a white individual, or person in power, could directly identify with. Holbrook used a wide variety of religious and nonreligious arguments against slavery. The ...

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...rty and freedom like the white colonists were given when they left England and came to the new colonies. The sources previously discussed were concentrated in 1773, whereas the era began twenty years prior. In Black Americans in the Revolutionary Era, the author, Woody Holton, has 1773 as the first documents throughout the entire book published, or written, by an African American. The first two sources exhibit the African American’s plea to end slavery and to be awarded freedoms, while the third source (the letter from Patrick Henry) embraces the idea of abolishing slavery, but contradicts himself when admitting he would never free his own slaves attributable to inconvenience. These documents illustrate the trials that African Americans faced in stride to gain freedoms like liberty and freedom that they endearingly hope and expected to gain from the revolution.

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