Essay about Slavery And The South Of The United States Of America

Essay about Slavery And The South Of The United States Of America

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Slavery in the South of the United States of America

Slavery was a system in which people were impoverished from their basic needs and rights. Slaves worked endless hours without getting paid and their lives belonged to someone else, none themselves. While the Northern States were against slavery, the Southern States were in favor of keeping slaves to grow their economy. The black community was hopelessly oppressed and redeemed. At the beginning of the 1800’s, there was not any law to protect or defend Negroes’ rights until the 13th amendment was passed in 1865, abolishing slavery.The sufferings of Frederick Douglass were displayed in his book called “Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave.” There was a great amount of people who were slaves in the South of the United States of America during the 19th century. Slaves were denied of receiving an education because it represented a danger to slave owners; knowledge could bring more dispute from slaves. Children and adults were separated from families to prevent the existence of family ties. Their lifestyle was deplorable and unjust. Slaves were outrages and mercilessly abused, worse than a wild animal. This paper discusses the inequalities of slavery during the 1800’s in the South of the United States of America and how millions of Negroes, as being slaves, were deprived of an education, liberty, family ties, shelter and fair treatment through the insight of Frederick Douglass, who gave everything to support his community.

Slaves were illiterate not by choice but by decision of others. Different from other slaves Douglass was lucky to find a wife of one of his masters who taught him the ABCs. That was the anchor that drove him to continue learning using all possi...

... middle of paper ... owners prohibited slaves to learn how to read and right to keep the situation under control. was preferable that they were naïve so they could continue abusing them. Since slaves were children they were deprived of their liberty. When slaves were no longer productive to their owners, some were expelled out of the plantation. They exploited slaves as much as they could. Slaves could not have the change to love or be loved by other siblings because they were sold and sent away from their families. Food and shelter were scarcely provided, and it was not enough to cover their necessities. Punishments were tough and horrible for all those who had witnessed them. Owners did not care to cause damage or harm to slaves. On the contrary, they enjoyed seeing the pain of others. It is inconceivable to look at people who were so evil and did not feel any remorse toward others.

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