Slavery And The Black Woman Essay

Slavery And The Black Woman Essay

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Slavery. It is more than just a word. It was, for 400 plus years a way of life. Africans were taken (stolen) from their homelands and brought to America to be enslaved. They were beaten, raped, abused, denied humane rights such as learning to read and write. They were denied pay for their labors. This was done at the hands of “white man” also known as Master. Although laws have been passed that state slavery is now illegal and that Africans are free, we still experience examples of modern day slavery. Some of the modern day slavery tactics currently being faced include, The Portrayal of Black Men in Media, The amount of African Americans in the prison system, Police Brutality and the observation of the Black Woman today.
I cannot turn on the television without hearing about a new shooting, murder, homicide or suicide. It is as frequent and expected as the weather now. In most of these cases we find that they are African-Americans killing each other or being killed. In most recent cases, children were the primary victims. These children happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and sadly they are gone. Mothers are burying their children before they even become a teenager.
I remember 2 weeks ago logging onto Facebook and hearing that there were four shootings on Thursday, September 10th. One of those shootings included the killing of my best friend’s brother. He shot the police officer and in defense, the officer shot back with the intent to kill. Her brother left behind two beautiful children. During the funeral his mother screamed, “ You were supposed to bury me”. Those words are forever etched in my memory. While holding his three year old son, he said, “Can I go see my daddy now”. I had to explain to a three year ol...

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...ed woman. They believe that Caitlyn, who was born a man with male genitals, is the definition of a beautiful woman. A man-turned-woman who still has the body of a male (and of an athlete) has been glorified while a natural born woman has been insulted for her development. I believe that the majority of this issue is because of the success that Serena has achieved.
Overall, the concept of modern day slavery is still a reality. African Americans are still reminded of the struggles that our ancestors endured. Slavery in the psychical sense may now be illegal, but slavery of the mind is still present. It is still present in the minds of African Americans. This means that when the black man is no longer the leader, the woman will rise up and take their place. This is not designed to be the structure of the family. When you cut of the head, the body will soon demise.

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