Essay about Slavery and the American Revolution

Essay about Slavery and the American Revolution

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As the slave population in the United States of America grew to 500,000 in 1176, documenting slavery as part of the American Revolution became increasingly important. America was rooted in slavery; and it contributed to the economy and social structure. The revolution forced citizens of the new nation to be conscious of slavery and its potential dismissal from every day life. Two articles that prove slavery only succeeded because of the false reality that slave owners created and the conformity to this reality by slaves are; George Fitzhugh who defends the proslavery argument and Frederick Douglass who supports a desire for freedom.
The history of abolition directly relates to the many obstacles Americans faced when trying to change societies laws and ideas about slavery. Slavery was an accepted facet of life because it was part of the old institution; it existed in every colony and played an integral part in shaping social structure and forming successful economies. The Virginian Law of 1780 awarded all veterans of the war on independence with 300 acres of land and a slave. Another example that shows how accepting Americans were of slavery is that every founding father owned slaves during their lifetime. Owning slaves became something people thought they were entitled to, it was a right that they had. George Fitzhugh defends the proslavery argument that was shared among slave-owners.
In 1854, George Fitzhugh wrote Sociology for the South, or the Failure of Free Society. He based his writing off of the idea that “All workers, white and black, North and South, would fare better having individual owners, rather than living as slaves for the economic marketplace”. The main arguments he made in defending a proslavery ...

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...ederick Douglas on the argument for the desire for freedom defends this statement, of being entrenched in a false reality, and simply reading a book brought him to the realization that slaves deserved a better life. The points made by George Fitzhugh in Sociology for the South, or the Failure of Free Society show the true intents of slave owners and why they felt they needed slavery.

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