Slavery And The American Culture Essay

Slavery And The American Culture Essay

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Slavery was an institution which everyone expected to end but they did not know how it. Thus it expanded and laid its roots deep into the American culture. George Mason may have subconsciously touched an important point which I believe was the primary reason why slavery got completely embedded into American history. Mason “bragged about how Virginia and Maryland had banned the ‘infernal traffic’ of human beings. However, he worried that if South Carolina and Georgia were allowed to import slaves, then the greed of those states would want them to get slaves as well” (Page 10). This was true for slavery for the better part of the next century, until it was banned for good. Slavery could not be abolished one state at a time – if one state banned it, or prohibited segments of it, then that state’s public would envy other states which had slavery. Furthermore, abolition of slavery would require all the slaves and anti-slavery Americans coming together to make revolt against slavery. When two forces this large (enslavers and slaves) meet in conflict, war ensues. Unsurprisingly, this did result in the American Civil War. However, if slavery had not been allowed to expand as far as it did, then the Civil War might not have been as brutal as it was. Thus, I believe that restricting expansion of slavery was necessary and needed to be a collaborative effort by the entire nation, where all Americans: free whites and Congress needed to cooperate with each other. The lack of a joint effort among politicians to curb slavery was the primary reason for the institution’s expansion. The secondary factor responsible for the expansion was the compromises. Congress tried to use compromises to solve the issue regarding lack of collaboration. Unfortunate...

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...(1809) which banned US trade with Britain and France. Claiborne was in his New Orleans office when he heard that ships full of refugees were seeking asylum in New Orleans. He knew allowing them in violated federal laws as some of them had brought their slaves (and slaves were considered property that could not be traded). However, when the white people of New Orleans heard about the refugees, they immediately held meetings and wrote petitions insisting that Claiborne allowed the refugees to enter New Orleans. The mayor too wrote to Claiborne, referring to the further development of plantations as the major reason for allowing them in. Claiborne succumbed and allowed the refugees into New Orleans. Moreover, Congress did not raise reasonable questions when they heard about it, and as a result the New Orleans slaves’ population grew by a quarter of what it earlier was.

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