Slavery And Gain Freedom For All By Nat Turner And Frederick Douglass Essay

Slavery And Gain Freedom For All By Nat Turner And Frederick Douglass Essay

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Freedom is defined as “the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action.” Freedom is something that millions take for granted everyday and billions have died throughout history fighting for it. One group whose freedom was unjustly stripped from them were African Americans who were kidnapped from their homes in Africa and shipped to throughout the world to serve as Slaves. Two men who understood what it is like to have their freedom stripped away from them were Nat Turner and Fredrick Douglass. These two men grew up as slaves on southern plantations in the 1800’s, and spent their adulthood fighting for freedom through very different methods. This paper will examine the tactics, effectiveness, and impact of Turner and Douglass through their quest to end slavery and gain freedom for all.
Nat Turners story begins in Virginia in 1830 when he revealed that he had been summoned by god, via visions, to lead a slave uprising. Turner would preach his religious beliefs to other slaves, gaining him a following and building an army. Therefore, it could be said that Turner and his rebellion were as much of a religious movement as it was an abolitionist movement, which may have added to Turners following. Turner was charismatic and “exhibited an ability to take the stories and images of the Bible, particularly the apocalyptic, messianic, and prophetic freedom themes, and manipulate them to give meaning to his own experiences as an enslaved African seeking freedom.” One year later, in 1831, turner and his followers launched and revolted throughout Virginia “armed with guns and axes.” Turner and his group “went from house to house and killed sixty white men, women, and children. Turner showed to no mercy and in fact en...

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...d the African Americans were just as intelligent and capable as whites, if not more through his thought provoking methods.
In conclusion, Nat Turner and Fredrick Douglass were part of one of the most turbulent and monumental movements in history. Their efforts, both violent and non violent, played a large role in the abolitionist movement. Turner’s actions and perceived sacrifice inspired countless others to pick up the cause for freedom. Fredrick Douglass, through his tireless work rallied the necessary support in government to rid the country of slavery once and for all. As Douglass himself so brilliantly put it, “Man 's greatness consists in his ability to do and the proper application of his powers to things needed to be done.” It was through the efforts and sacrifices of these men, and countless others that we are all able to share the freedom we have today.

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