Slavery And Economic Foundations Of Colonial America Essay

Slavery And Economic Foundations Of Colonial America Essay

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Slavery is the main issue in the 17th and 18th century and was used in economic foundations of Colonial America. It all started with the first colony Jamestown, Virginia which was established in 1607 then the famous and widely used crop tobacco was raised in 1612 also in Virginia. The year 1619, 20 Africans were brought to Virginia on a Portuguese slave ship and they wanted to buy food but they didn’t have any money so they sold the slaves to the settlers of Jamestown. The plantation owners were desperate for work so the slaves were used to work their tobacco fields. From the 20 African slaves some were either going to be chattel or indentures slaves to their owners. Eventually it was all going to change from going to indentured servitude to life long servitude for the slaves. With the the founding of the House of Burgesses it would eventually lead slavery into becoming the law of the colony of Virginia and the other south colonies to come.
With all the plantations being brought and the crop tobacco they new it was going to drive their colony to riches so they knew they needed workers. A lot of labor was needed to create and manage a planation and to grow and harvest all the crops and the demand of labor was going up. Natives were first used as slave labor but many of them died due to old world diseases. The owners were also using indentured servants for their labor. Indentured servants were people who got their trip to the New World paid for from someone there, so then they would have to work for them for 5-7 years then they would become a free citizen. The owners were begginging to see that as the demand of labor grew so did indentured servants cost and they weren’t efficient enough so when the ship arrived with the slaves they...

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...round railroad system and helped nearly around 300 African slaves escape to freedom making around 19 return trips. Many other were involved like white abolitionist, other free slaves, and other activists people.
Slavery didn’t end officially until December 6th 1865 when the 13th amendment was ratified into the constitution. It took many years and many great people and movements to fight for the end of slavery and the day where all African slave people were free. African slaves went through horrible things and punishments and they didn’t have any freedom due to the fact that slave owners and people who favored slavery thought they were the inferior race and the need for free profitable labor from them. Slavery will be remembered forever and all the great people that died to stand up and fight for equal rights and that slavery is what made colonial America flourish.

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