Slave Narratives By Rowlandson And Equiano Essay

Slave Narratives By Rowlandson And Equiano Essay

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It was once thought that slavery was just a normal civilized part of life, whether you owned a slave or were one, that’s just how it was. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, slavery was a well know topic, and slave narratives such as the ones by Rowlandson and Equiano were becoming quite popular. Slave narratives such as these assisted in revealing the horrors of slavery. Both these slave narratives have similar traits that helped people around the world better understand the perils of slavery. Both the Rowlandson and Equiano slave narratives utilize the perils of slavery, and one might say they are “one in the same.” Both Rowlandson and Equiano were abruptly taken from their home, and forced to live somewhere they could not have imagined in their wildest nightmares. By using the graphic descriptions of life while in slavery both authors are able to use their encounters during slavery such as the alien societies, their own quests for freedom, and the direct confrontation with evil to help the readers identify both Rowlandson and Equiano as slaves.
For one, being forced into an alien society is one of the more obvious identifiers evident in the Rowlandson and Equiano slave narratives. In the slave narrative written by Rowlandson, she is abducted from her home along with several of her friends and family members. Once she is captured, she is brutally forced to reside with the same Indians she witnessed scalp and slaughter her loved ones. Rowlandson states “Now away we must go with those barbarous creatures…” (Rowlandson 128). In this statement, it describes how Rowlandson was fully aware of how barbaric the Indians truly were. Rowlandson was able to witness firsthand the horrors and devastation that the Indians are...

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...s who attempted to escape, allowing Equiano to confront the evils of slavery firsthand. Confronting the evils of slavery firsthand is the utmost horrific perils that both Rowlandson and Equiano had to experience.
With this comparison and explanation it is with great hopes it gives a better understanding of the hardships that both Rowlandson and Equiano were forced to experience. Rowlandson and Equiano are defined as slaves not as the white slave and the black slave but by definition both are slaves. Both are forced to experience similar perils, and forced to live with the people who made them slaves in the first place. While being slaves, they both faced perils unlike anything anyone who had not been in their situation could possibly fathom, but both had the courage and the determination to become free again and in the end both succeeded, and were free once more.

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