Slave Labor : An Ideal Way Of Labor Essay

Slave Labor : An Ideal Way Of Labor Essay

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As the New World started to grow and the colonies grew bigger in numbers the country truly started taking its shape. While the country grew bigger we saw a change in the type of labor needed for some of the crops that America was producing. Things have shifted when indentured servants were finishing their sentences and the landowners were required to provide them land as a “freedom due” (Alan Taylor). As time went on landowners needed a more efficient form of workers and required someone more skilled in farming than some of the indentured servants. This would lead to slave labor becoming more of an option in America.
For these landowners, slave labor was an ideal way of labor for their crops. These owners wanted slave labor for many reasons some being the fact that the enslaved laborers had a better idea of how to work and grow the crops. Along with that the biggest incentive for hiring slave labor was receiving 150 acres of land for every imported slave that they obtained (Alan Taylor). With the rise in slave labor, it caused a lot of fuss within the enslaved communities, more specifically enslaved Africans, with the first ship of enslaved people landing in the new colony of Jamestown. During this time the number of enslaved Africans had grown within America. With this new growth in slave population and growth of dissension within that group of slaves.
American landowners were faced with a lot when it came to owning slaves one of the biggest issues was a slave running away from the slave owners. This would cause a destabilization within the system of slavery because many landowners relied on these slaves to help with the crops and whatever else was needed for the farm. But it was the constant dehumanization, the slave’s str...

... middle of paper ... “people” taking care of his crops and livelihood of his family. Another ad that goes along with the dehumanization is Peter’s. “I branded him S on the cheek, and R on the other” (NHC 3). This shows that the slaves are more of pieces of property and not real actual humans. All these ads are a great representation of how slaves were treated and how it caused destabilisation of slavery.
The destabilization of slavery has been caused by a lot but when the slaves started running away it caused an uproar. It showed that these slaves could have some sort of power over the lives they were living. It also showed that there was a possible way out of all the problems that they were having. But it also showed that some of these landowners didn’t have that much power over what their slaves. Yet without destabilizing slavery things most likely wouldn’t be the way they are now.

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