The Slave Act Of 1793 Essay

The Slave Act Of 1793 Essay

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While subjected to disease, tight quarters, feces and urine, and the fear of being raped or beaten, slaves most likely had their minds set on making it out of that hell surviving to take a step off their boat. Little did they know that as soon as they took that last step off the boat, they took their first step into their life in prison, otherwise known as America. With wishing for a life filled of happiness and freedom from their new lives they went looking for a way out of this hell. Slaves were too afraid of being caught due to the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 which stated that if a fugitive slave was found he or she must be returned to their owners no matter how far away they were or even if they were in a free state back to their owner’s plantation. This gave a lot of free blacks fear because they could be caught and sold at auction at any time if one thought that he or she was a slave. Excessive planning was involved because the succession rate is extremely low and it was extremely rare for one to escape because they had all the knowledge that if they were caught, they would get in some serious trouble, whether it be whippings or they even had the high possibility of getting their life taken from them.
Being on duty in the fields and in the master’s house and fulfilling in all of the obligations one must flawlessly complete lets slaves to have little to no time during the day to have any free time where they could roam around the plantation doing whatever they pleased. When they were awarded free time they would do anything involving their families or their culture. Slaves would hold a religious service where they could pray and find strength and peace with why God was putting them in this situatio...

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...h all different towns no one would put two and two together that they have actually escaped. It was a genius strategy.
Overall, the slaves came up with brilliant ideas with escaping and had help from people they would never think would help them due to them being slaves in the south along with the very well known Underground Railroad. In creating mystery with their plans it made it difficult for their masters to figure out what was going on due to them not paying attention to them much outside of their work. With the number of slaves that were enslaved it is safe to say that they weren’t really successful due to million amounts of slaves in the country. It is safe to say is that those who had the audacity enough to escape the horrors of the slave life were successful in terms of those numbers because they were only a handful that escaped and escaped well.

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