Slaughterhouse Five, 2br02b, And Many Other Stories By Vonnegut Essay

Slaughterhouse Five, 2br02b, And Many Other Stories By Vonnegut Essay

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A common theme portrayed in Slaughterhouse Five, 2BR02B, and many other stories by Vonnegut it authority. The government is often antagonized as an opposing force to human individuality. In Slaughterhouse Five the government is portrayed as an entity that sends children on bloody crusades with no regard for human life. In 2BR02B the government controls the gas chambers, and each life that someone brings into the world comes at the cost of another one. Human life, in both stories, is regarded as interchangeable, or a means to an end by the governments that rule over them. Just as death in war is random, so is the death in 2BR02B. As far as the government is concerned, it doesn 't matter who dies as long as someone dies to make room for the next. Both stories also have elements of detachment from the sorrows of life. The people from the world of 2BR02B take up a casual outlook to the idea of death as death is no longer something to fear, but something that they think they have control over. When the painter starts making cynical comments about life the orderly casually and cheerfully suggests that he kills himself. Similarly Dr. Hitz, and Leora Duncan share a nonchalant attitude concerning their job of euthanizing people. In fact when they find out that triplets are born they are more concerned with the paperwork rather than the loss of life. On the other hand Billy pilgrim also develops this pseudo-existential detached philosophy about life in order to cope with the death and destruction of the world around him that he doesn 't have control over. He fabricates a reality where time is flexible, and where alien beings known as Tralfamadorians can travel freely from one moment to the next. “It is just an illusion we have here on Ea...

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...every tragedy as merely another item in this series, the fact that punctuated by "So it goes," suggests that Vonnegut takes it to be loosely equivalent to the previous items in the series.” Also by the Tralfamadorians describing time as a 4th dimension that is more of a freely traveled upon open landscape rather than a linear progression Billy is trying to mitigate the impact death has on him. Billy says”When a Tralfamadorian sees a corpse, all he thinks is that the dead person is in bad condition in that particular moment, but that the same person is just fine in plenty of other moments.” By making death seem like something that is beyond human comprehension something ominous becomes something trivial. So through indifference Vonnegut is saying that tragedies are no longer tragedies, one is no worse than the other, and they are beyond human comprehension.

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