Slaughterhouse Five And Wounded By Eric Walters Essay

Slaughterhouse Five And Wounded By Eric Walters Essay

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In the novels Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut and Wounded by Eric Walters, it is demonstrated that PTSD (Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder) can have detrimental effects towards a person and their loved ones. These effects and struggles are not directly visible. Although many soldiers go home from the war without any physical harm, it does not mean they are not wounded. In some scenarios, people believe that surviving the war is worse than dying in combat and this is because of the prolonged suffering of emotions, guilt and memories. This is shown in both novels through the effects war has on a soldier’s behavior, their mental state, and the struggles that are bestowed upon their families.
When comparing the two novels Slaughterhouse-Five and Wounded, it can be stated that both novels illustrate suffering upon arriving home from the war and is shown through the soldier’s behavior. In Slaughterhouse-Five, the protagonist Billy Pilgrim shows multiple symptoms of PTSD. He is said to have “come unstuck in time”(Vonnegut 23). Billy has been exposed to multiple tragedies throughout his life that most people do not experience. He claims to be kidnapped by creatures outside of earth known as Tralfamadorians and travels back in time re-experiencing his darkest moments of his lifetime. This shows how the war has an impact on Billy because he is constantly reliving the horrific moments in his life. Similarly the protagonist’s father from the book Wounded arrives home from Afghanistan but behaves differently. While the protagonist Marcus is in a conversation with his girlfriend Courtney, he states that his father “is pretty jumpy still”(Walters 157). This shows how Marcus’s father is not only acting odd, but has trouble adapting to his nor...

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... “a lot more mature than most sixteen year olds, and even a whole lot of forty year olds”(Walters 9). These children who have military families are much more disciplined and mature than many other children because they are in a position where they must become independent and must take care of their parent at home.
The soldiers behavior, mental state and the problems set on the victims families are all significant points that show that being a survivor of war is more of a suffering than dying in war. Veterans must live on after the war it can be difficult because of the horrors that never leave their head. Their families also suffer by witnesses their loved ones state and remaining hopeless. They also must live with guilt knowing their friends died while they survived. All of these factors demonstrate how death would be an easy way out and would ease the endless pain.

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