The Slang Langue Empowered By Online And The Media Badly Effects On Student Writing

The Slang Langue Empowered By Online And The Media Badly Effects On Student Writing

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The author talks about how Many individuals will agree that the slang langue empowered by online and the media badly effects on student writing. He mentions how his students analyze great written work and examine the impact of word decision and rich grammar on a crowd of people 's perusing background however at most they don 't care to express their genuine feeling and share friendly confirmations of dispassionate love to each other that they wouldn 't feel as good partaking face to face. He talks about the different between males and females how they like to speak up and confront the problems but, male students are usually encouraged to be silent, contained, and not reveal emotions. His observed that the story is much serious and that the bigger picture is that the Internet is no refuge from the pains of adolescence, However, social media can help students, particularly male high school students, uncover feelings and talk about things that make their composition or writing all the stronger and truthful. On Facebook, students do regularly examine individual issues and feelings and get applaud for doing as such. This more prominent flexibility to communicate enhances their writing at school.
Issue: Can social media help students write better?
Conclusion; Yes, social media can help students write better.

1. For more youthful secondary school young men especially, social communication has really enhanced written work—not the item or the procedure, but rather the affectability and internal center required to try and start to create a draft that will, in the end, be worth altering.
2. Person to person communication has significantly changed how secondary school young men manage their feelings.
3. exclusively these may appe...

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...ocial media has engorged us to speak and try to lay out what we want to say in person sometimes, because we are afraid of the consciences, so turn to social media to express our emotions. Just like my neighbor who always used to have something to say, but instead, he used to afraid of confronting people, so he encouraged himself to speak and let his voice be heard even if it was in social media.
The author is encouraging us to freely speak our minds and try to write as in a way makes as acceptable as possible for the future.

Source Citation
Simmons, Andrew. "Social Media Helps Students Write Better." Are Social Networking Sites Harmful? Ed. Noah Berlatsky. Farmington Hills, MI: Greenhaven Press, 2015. At Issue. Rpt. from "Facebook Has Transformed My Students ' Writing—For the Better." Atlantic (18 Nov. 2013). Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 14 Oct. 2016.

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