Essay on Skyscraper: Song by Demi Lovato

Essay on Skyscraper: Song by Demi Lovato

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“Skyscraper” is a song released in 2011 by singer and songwriter Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato first came into the media’s eye in 1990s when she was on the beloved children show Barney and Friends. She then made her move from entertaining the toddler set to entertaining the tween set of audience when she was casted on As the Bell Rings, a series of comedic shorts that run between Disney programs. In 2008, Demi made a huge career decision when she signed on to be one of the leading roles in Disney’s original film, Camp Rock. This is where her signing talent was truly recognized. Throughout the rest of this year, Demi continued to do acting for Disney; including appearances on Wizards of Waverly Place and premiering her own show Sonny with a Chance. It was on September 23, 2008, that she released her debut album Don’t Fotget. This album reached top ten on iTunes within the first week of being released. After this success, Demi decided that she wanted to dedicate all of her time to singing, and put her acting career temporarily on hold. As 2010 comes around, and Demi’s media attention grows rapidly, she being to become overwhelmed from the constant stress. After acting out on several occasions, Demi checks herself into a rehabilitation center. It is during her time there that she draws on inspiration for her next album Unbroken. This is the album that features “Skyscraper”, a song that speaks to people of all ages about the importance of staying positive and strong no matter the circumstances.
The song "Skyscraper" was written by Toby Gad, Lindy Robbins, and singer Kerli Kõiv; and was produced by Gad. Kerli wrote the song while drawing inspiration from a picture of the apocalypse. She said that the song takes place when "the world was i...

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...though this seems to be a selling topic, it does not educate or strengthen America’s youth. Nevertheless, speaking out about unjustified pressures and standards put on people will help all those who struggle with confidence in who they are strengthen their self image.
“Skyscraper” is an extremely powerful song that addresses many common issues in today’s day and age. It speaks out against all those who discriminatorily put unnecessary burdens on other people. It teaches everyone to rise above the obstacles put in their way and to not allow anyone alter the way they look at life. This message is an extremely important as social media continues to play a major role in the lives of the adolescent. Demi Lovato not only addresses an issue, but she gives strength and confidence to all of her listeners. This is what makes Demi Lovato a role model for all people to emulate.

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