The Skills Of A New Testament Leader Essay

The Skills Of A New Testament Leader Essay

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After receiving this assignment of analyzing the skills of a New Testament leader, I first wondered whom I should analyze. Should I have analyzed Jesus, Mary, or even one of the apostles? I feared writing about Jesus for I could not give enough justification for great Jesus was of being a leader. After giving it much thought, I decided I would look into Saul, the Jew of Jews and persecutor of the young Christian church, who later becomes Paul the Apostle and founder of many churches across Europe and Asia Minor. Paul intrigued me because he was a man who was stoutly devoted to the Jewish faith, and then he devoted his life to Christianity after receiving a miracle.
Setting of Saul/Paul’s Life
Who was Paul? Paul was a tentmaker, writer and missionary. Paul has been described as being the second most important man in the spread of Christianity; the first would logically be Jesus. To accurately describe Paul’s life, one must first look at the setting in which he lived. Paul’s birth name was Saul of Tarsus. Saul was born approximately 4 AD, this is significant because he was born after Jesus had crucified dead and buried. Born a Jew, he was Pharisee, as he wrote in Philippians 3:5 “he was a Hebrew of Hebrews”. Saul had pride in his nationality and he studied in Jerusalem with rabbis such as Gamaliel. Saul grew up in a wealthy family in one of the most influential trade cities in the Mediterranean, Tarsus. Tarsus is located within present day Turkey, just north of the island of Cypress. The combination of his family’s wealth and his education gained influence in his favor. Saul’s life young life records was silent until the martyrdom of Stephen, in which he witnessed. Stephen’s death stirred Saul’s soul to seek and pe...

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...nsequence. I believe there is a line between speaking your mind foolishly and speaking you mind cautiously, both can have similar consequences but caution takes courage and wisdom. One present day leader I think of is Pope Francis, when the Pope was asked about gay marriage his statement “who am I to judge”, showed his wisdom and courage. Many Christians believe that his statement to be to cavalier for a pope, but Pope Francis brings up a valid point, of how should love one another and we should not take judgment on each other. These modern leaders have demonstrated leadership styles over 2,000 years later from when Paul practiced them daily. I am in awe of 2,000 years later these same principles are practiced and executed to enhance lives as much like Paul. Paul’s work took courage, commitment and wisdom, I pray that may become as influential as him some day.

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