Skills Needed For New And Upcoming Jobs Essays

Skills Needed For New And Upcoming Jobs Essays

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The people that come to college are the ones looking for nonroutine jobs and trying to get rid of their routine jobs. Technology is increasing every single day and it is making routine jobs fade away, and this is creating more opportunities for nonroutine jobs. Nonroutine jobs involve more knowledgeable people or people who have better problem solving skills, they are not easily achievable like routine jobs. This article will cover the skills required to excel in today’s world, and those skills are nonroutine cognitive skills. These skills are classified in four categories, and they are abstract reasoning, systems thinking, collaboration, and experimentation. We will be going over why these skills are needed for new and upcoming jobs, and how each of these skills are applied to everyday life and why they are important.
As stated by Kroenke (2015), “Abstract reasoning is the ability to make and manipulate models.” (p.7). This abstract reasoning skill is extremely important to a business you need to be able to think fast and envision patterns precisely. This skill allows people to find a few ways to figure out a problem and are important in numerous jobs. Models are a key part of information systems, they can come in many different ideas and you must be able to structure them, but also interpret them and be able to explain them thoroughly to others. An example would be data models, which is how data is related to each other and how it can be processed or stored inside the system. Whatever business you work for one day, they could ask you to draw up a model to explain how the company’s sales are doing and ask you to demonstrate the relationship between the data offered, in order to figure out the problem.
As stated by Kroenke (201...

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...may benefit the most. Abstract reasoning is needed in every business because many types of models need to always be shown and explained regularly. Systems thinking is centered on interconnections and realizing how everything works together, this will give an understanding of why a problem would arise and how it can be fixed. Collaboration is huge in a business because the stronger your business is, the more likely it is to succeed. The more power and knowledge that a business has, will open up many opportunities for it to stay on track with what it wants to do. One person will not be able to do everything on their own, they need others to collaborate with them about each idea they share. Experimentation is key for the formation of new ideas and products for consumers. Without experimentation a business would just be throwing darts and hoping that one hits the target.

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