Essay on Skills Needed For Effective Management

Essay on Skills Needed For Effective Management

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There are many responsibilities and obligations to being an effective manager. Communication, leadership, and managing conflict are fundamental skills for managing effectively. Management is important to every organization, and is essential for completing organizational goals and objectives. At the Hawthorne Municipal Pool, the skills needed for effective management were weak, and this caused an unfriendly and challenging environment for every employee. The first fundamental skill for effective management is communication. Although the managers at my job did communicate, it was not proficient and adept. Communication is important because the foundation of all relationships is communication, and it allows managers to achieve organizational goals and objectives (Huband). A majority of the time, it was hard to contact the head manager. For instance, I reached out to my manager several times about when I was going on vacation and leaving to go back to college. Although my manager did give the okay for my leave of absence, the message was still disregarded, and I was scheduled to work. The same scenario occurred with every employee, which caused misperception, animosity, and frustration. Furthermore, because employees were scheduled to work on days they could not, my manager failed to communicate as to why they were needed to work. Feedback is an important part of communication, and it provides managers with more understanding and judgment about their communication success. If my manager did communicate face-to-face about problems with days off, employees would show more understanding instead of feeling irritated about the situation (Leonard).
Managers often fail to communicate clearly, which causes confusion and misunderstanding (C...

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...guard did not have a good relationship with the assistant manager who asked, and denied the request the clean the bathroom. This conflict and deny of request caused the assistant manager to freak out and punch one of the walls. All of the employees were in shock from the irrational behavior by the assistant manager and how he decided to handle the situation. Over-all organizational effectiveness can only be achieved if organizations focus on harmony, cooperation, and the absence of conflict (Afzalur 7-8). Conflict in an organization is especially common between a direct report and a boss, just like the situation at my job. It would have been more reasonable if the assistant manager understood the situation, made a full examination of the conflict, and as a result, a resolution could have been worked toward, instead of acting out senselessly (Johnson and Sharpe 10-4).

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