The Skills Level And Appearance Essay

The Skills Level And Appearance Essay

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People are very revealing in character, sometimes intentionally, however most of the time unintentionally. Everything about a person reveals some aspect of their character, their preference; their actions are just as much a part of them as their knowledge and skills. In management, specifically, someone who wants to be a manager that leads, to recognize the differences of his or her employees. Each person is unique; these differences range from appearance to skill. Awareness of these differences allows a company or organization to use them to better their business.
In general, it is important to understand work behavior. A person’s demographic, cultural background, inherited traits, skills, and talents all have an impact on the environment of a workplace. A person’s skill level and appearance depend on the field of work he or she plan to follow. For example, door greeter at Walmart does not require the same amount of training as the person operating the forklift. Tacit skills, or on the job experience may be needed. Likewise, a person’s skill level and their ability to perform a task may necessary. Additionally, it is important to understand one’s own EI-emotional intelligence, how a person handles relationships, as well as how others EI rates (Ivancevich, Konopaske, & Matteson, 2011). A manager cannot set his or her mind to change someone else; they must see the individual for the talents in which they possess. Likewise, they cannot change the demographics, the appearance, or emotions of an individual; however, they can change their own approach to further the company.

Emotional intelligence and personality traits are tools that help to identify the type of job best suited for an individual. These are also ways...

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...sion management. By his actions, he made an impression on every person that entered his office, as well as the spectators. Another way to make people feel you are interested in what they have to say without being a dictator, is by arranging an area of the office with several couches around a coffee table, this is inviting and gives the illusion and comfort of a living room. Of course, it is necessary to plan as to whether or not this type of setting is appropriate given day-to-day circumstances (Ivancevich et al.)
In business and life in general, people are the focus. Some require a little more work than others do, however, each person deserves to develop and enhance the qualities they possess. This is the main importance of choosing a career wisely. Each person has a talent unlike the next, we should work together to help one another reach full potential.

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