Essay on Skills Learned From Play ( Play )

Essay on Skills Learned From Play ( Play )

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Skills Learned From Play
Children learn almost everything, or the foundation for everything, from play.

Sensory exploration is one form of play in early life stages. As a child discovers colors and textures, he defines the world in terms of art. When he notices that cold is uncomfortable but warm makes him happy, he is learning about himself and creating part of his identity. If he falls and gets hurt, he learns about safety.

When left to his own devices. a child will turn a box into a car, an empty jar into a display for a small toy, or a blanket into a tent. This is developing creativity, the art of using things for their own purposes.

When children play together, they learn communication, cooperation, negotiation, and understanding of others. In short, they are developing social skills.

Cognition is improved as children play, teaching them to use their imagination, categorize, and solve problems. This is key to all areas of a person 's life, both at work and in personal life.

Play can be a form of therapy. Children often act out dilemmas that they are experiencing, such as stresses or conflicts, such as sibling rivalry, family conflicts, or even deeper problems.

Playing also gives a child a sense of "his own space". He may become totally engrossed in playing with a toy or object and this is healthy, since he needs to learn to be alone with his ideas to understand what his likes and desires are at play and define himself better.

Benefits of Play
There are many benefits of playing for children. It prepares them for all aspects of life and is their reference to what to do and how to do it in their adolescent and adult life.

Emotional Benefits
First, it teaches enjoyment of life. Many adults, w...

... middle of paper ...

...ger child through homework assignments but a teenager should do it on his own.

Show, Not Tell
Remember that a child does not know how to do something until he is taught. If you expect him to do a task, show him how. It will likely require showing a few times. Then help him do the chore. After that, he can be expected to do it himself, but if he asks for help, observe and offer instruction as needed.

Reasonable Expectations
It is important to keep your expectations reasonable. If a 5-year-old makes his bed, it will not be perfect. He should still be praised. Fussing over high neat it is will discourage efforts in the future. A gentle reminder is appropriate when beginning this journey to responsibility. It is not an easy lesson to teach and it is OK to help with reminders at first and occasionally later on as long as they do not have to be told every time.

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