Skills Development : Important Aspect Of Job Search Essay

Skills Development : Important Aspect Of Job Search Essay

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Transferrable skills development is essential in order to increase one’s chance in their career fields. While this is an important aspect of job searching, most students do not spend enough time to enhance these skills. There are various opportunities where a student is able to develop these skills, including post-secondary institutes and work placements. In a school setting, students are able to learn the theoretical aspects while in a placement setting, students receive hands-on experience.
What most students do not realize is, many assignments in university contain transferrable skills; however, most students are unable to identify the relevance of these assignments to their future job fields. It can be due to the lack of understanding of the concept of transferrable skills, and they are unable to see the relevance without being made clear by instructors. (Martini, Rail, & Norton, 2015) It is undeniably important for students to realize the transfer of practical skills from paper to real life. Unfortunately, instructors spend little to no time on emphasizing the importance of this concept.
More importantly, the development of generic skills is crucial in today’s society as employers look for more than just post-secondary education, but experience also play a huge role during interview. Students who excel in the development of transferable skills often succeed in the work field. Nevertheless, students often overlook the significance of work experiences and transferable skills development. Most post-secondary graduates believe that it can increase employment chances by embedding generic skills into the curriculum. (Crebert, Bates, Bell, Patrick, & Cragnolini, 2004) Although assignments are placed for learning the content and the...

... middle of paper ... a group assignment compare to the individual ones. The common transferrable skills that students see include communication skills, team-working skills, and writing and reading skills. (Martini et al., 2015) These become the more common and shared transferrable skills that most are aware of in which they are also considered as useful in the workplace.
This study analyzes the students’ perceptions and their beliefs on classroom works and prospective career fields. Through their understandings of the content, they may be able to develop skills that are related and needed for the job markets. Based on previous studies, researches, and our understandings, we believed that students who were in the “skills” condition would be more likely than those in the “no skills” condition to indicate that the assignment would be relevant in helping them secure a job in the future.

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